ZoominGames is a part of Zoomin.TV, a worldwide operating media company specialized in distribution and content creation. The idea for ZoominGames was born in December 2013 when two guys opened a YouTube channel. All they had was an idea and a powerful computer. From that seed grew the Zoomin.TV MCN and the ZoominGames brand. ZoominGames creates evergreen content, tailored content for clients and social videos for a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, TV channels and third parties. Our power is not in being the fastest, as we don't produce news, but in being the most engaging. You can contact our team through the personal information below:

Robert Hoogendoorn

Channel Manager, Overwatch groupie, crypto enthusiast

Robert is one of the founding fathers of ZoominGames. Nowadays he's working in the background as channel manager on content, sales and distribution.
  • TamTu Bui

    Host, Not-So-Mysterious Voice Over Dude, Producer

    TamTu is the one that plays all the Final Fantasy stuff and generally dabbles into anything that gives loot, provided there's a story and eye-candy.
  • Tim Fieldhouse

    Co-founder, senior editor & German beer lover

    Tim is the other founding father of ZoominGames. He is responsible for the listed content on our platforms and has been a gaming journalist his entire adult life.
  • Denise Doornebosch

    Host & Puppet Master Of Her Own Crazy Sims Family

    Denise is the wonderful face of both Big Red Lazor and 10up. Her passion of games doesn't only show in our shows, but also in her daily live streams on Twitch. Look her up: doornebuzz!
  • Alex Pitulice

    Social media editor & that friendly dude on your PUBG squad

    Alex's job is to take care of our social media feed. He's a PC gamer at heart, with a thing for online games. Alex will play literally anything. Also still searching for that perfect gaming buddy.
  • Mysterious Voice-over Lady

    Providing voice-overs

    The Mysterious Voice-over Lady a.k.a. MVOL has been with us since the early days. Her software has been upgraded at least five times, making her one of the most advanced computer controlled human voices out there. Elon Musk wanted to buy her, but we refused.