Big Red Lazor is getting a new season

After debuting last season on the American TV channel TBD, we are now hard at work to make a second season a reality. Our team is working overtime to prepare and get ready for lots of gaming fun in our studio. The second season of Big Red Lazor on television will bring some changes to the show. This will result in a higher quality show, and we of course hope you will all enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.

Big Red Lazor started in February 2014 as a two person live stream on the YouTube channel ZoominGames. Over the years the show has been streamed on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. Many guests have appeared in the live shows and an insane number of games have been played. The fifth season of Big Red Lazor is the second season that has been tailored for TV. This time around we aren’t recording from a live stream, but playing the games in our studio with a full studio team at our disposal. This gives us access to all the tools available to make the second TV season of Big Red Lazor into the best looking production to date.

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