Happy about Warcraft III being revived

After years of almost neglecting the Warcraft RTS series, Blizzard Entertainment has announced the Warcraft III Invitational tournament. This invite-only tournament takes place in February 27th and 28th, and you can watch it on the official Twitch channel. Famous Warcraft III-players from times gone by will be playing the game during the event, including the Swedish Undead player MaDFroG, the Korean top Orc-player Lyn and Dutch superstar Grubby. Alongside the tournament announcement, the company released a major patch for its 15 year old strategy game. This patch is already live on the public test realm (PTR) and brings balance adjustments to many of the heroes, widescreen support and 24-player lobbies. A full list of changes is available on Battle.net.

Personally this gets me hyped. Seeing Blizzard putting some love into Warcraft III is something old school gamers will surely like. This sudden injection of workforce into a 15 year old game does increase rumors about the future of the franchise. Hardcore fans have been wishing for Warcraft 4 for years, while the update and the recent Starcraft Remastered release boost hopes for a remake of Warcraft III as well. Whether or not Blizzard will make such a move, is still very unclear… but there sure is hope!