Waifu fan service games

Gal Gun 2 is hitting American and European markets in April. It’s a game in which you must fend off hordes of girls who are trying to love you. It’s one of those typical Japanese games with up-skirt shots and crazy breast physics. If fits right in with Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, but the production value is just a bit lower. Publishers like Marvelous! and PQube Games are known for bringing games to the market to fit in with the “fan service” niche market. Even if you would just buy these games for their gameplay, there’s no way anybody is ever going to believe you. Series like Senran Kagura and Onechanbara thrive by the amount of skin they show, mostly revealed when you take damage.

But being a game collector I do like to own those weird Japanese games. Personally I own the first Gal Gun game on the PS4 and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (which only got a release in Asia). Both games are sealed for collector purposes, hoping they will increase in value in the future. Perhaps it’s also my way to legitimize my money spending on these games. And yes, I also want to own a copy of Gal Gun 2. Not because of the gameplay, but because it would be a way to keep my collection complete. Of course I don’t buy every waifu game, I’m not crazy… but Gal Gun 2 has already been banned in Germany, adding value to my collector’s spirit.

I don’t do collector’s editions, so no “Free Hugs Edition” for me. This would include an art book, soundtrack, a pouch, some pins and a Mr Happiness Plushie. Couple of years ago with the release of the first Gal Gun, the collector’s edition came with an underwear shaped ‘screen cleaner’. I don’t mind weird, but sometimes things are just a bit too much. Having the game in my collection already makes me feel a bit unsual, so I don’t try to overdo it.

By now you’ve probably checked out the trailer added to this post. Would you play a game like Gal Gun? And are you comfortable buying these in store, or would it be an internet order or even digital download?

Gal Gun 2 releases on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 13th in Europe, and April 24th in North America.