Preview: God of War (2018)

A few weeks ago, in a cozy bar in Amsterdam, I was invited to check out the new God of War and sit down with Derek Daniels, Design Director at Santa Monica Studios. You can watch the preview here:

But what did I think about it? Picture me walking back into the office, camerabags in tow, and rushing to the first person I knew would appreciate me shouting “GAME OF THE YEAR” in their face. It was THAT much of a surprise as to how much enjoyed this preview. While the game itself has been overhauled from an action hack & slash to an action game with heavy RPG elements, “the ingredients of what makes it a God of War game are still there, it’s just a different meal this time”.

And this has been true to the expectations. Before this preview event, there hasn’t been a lot shown about the game, but it seems Playstation is ready to go all out on the marketing and demos. Many will probably compare it to The Last of Us, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It is way more cinematic in a different way, more seamless and the scope feels larger, despite the areas I’ve played through being very dense and packed. There’s a lot to take in, but thankfully it’s only a little while until April 20th, and I can’t wait to learn about Kratos’ new adventures in the nordic realms. If you can forget about the way the old games worked (which started to become quite stale, to be honest), this will probably reinvigorate your fire for the franchise.

Be prepared for a very emotional journey, because this is GOTY material.