Shocking: No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox One!

I’m in shock. Hello Games and 505 Games have announced a deal to bring the space adventure No Man’s Sky to the Xbox One. The game was always announced as a timed PS4 exclusive, with a PC version coming a few months later. Nobody ever mentioned the option to bring the game to Xbox One.

Xbox One owners will be able to explore this vast procedurally generated universe later in 2018, including all content developed to date and a lot more surprises from Next yet to be announced. 505 Games will distribute the physical Xbox One version worldwide.

Before the Xbox One version launches, the game will receive another major update on the PS4 and PC. Hello Games is calling the update ‘No Man’s Sky Next’. That would be the fourth major update after the Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rises updates. Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games haven’t mentioned anything about the contents of the Next update, but they would really surprise me if multiplayer would finally be included.

It’s amazing to see developers this dedicated in providing and updating a game. No Man’s Sky is already almost two years old, and it failed miserably at launch. It sure requires dedication to keep working on something that nobody likes. Now, 19 months later, the game is a whole lot better… even though we are still missing that teased multiplayer experience.

But who knows what Next will bring…?

A couple of months ago we made a video about games that redeemed themselves. Back then we already included No Man’s Sky. Have a look and let us know if you agree!